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A spirit of helping others is a spirit of giving. Therefore, we are never without need for helping hands from everyone who can volunteer to assist the organization in their various on-going projects especially in the Gauteng Region.All ages are most welcome as we have awaiting purposes for all age groups within our projects.

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BATHUSE Organisation is a nonprofit organization established in terms of NPO Act 71, 1997 of the South African.Today, our world has been
one global community and citizenship. History has recorded catastrophic human abuses in various parts of our world. The backdrop of the formation of the organization was driven by the indispensable urge to make a significant contribution in addressing some of the many catastrophic issues affecting our human society in this day.


Organisation Efforts are driven by the dire situational needs, we encounter in societies that demand a helping hand.

Unless we all put our hands and resources together, matters can only get worse for our fellow human beings while we stand aside and look.

We offer preventive services and care to youth and children infected and affected by HIV and drugs others activities include:(Hygiene, sanitation, Nutrition).

Our objectives aim at:

 Encouraging young people to abstain from sexual activities which destroys their future which sometimes makes them become street children and helpless parents, while Increasing awareness on avoidance and education on reproductive health and youth and young adults so as to prevent early pregnancy and parenthood and the spread of HIV /AIDS among young people which increases the number of orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa Observe the Human rights of children and provide service to children affected and infected by violence to recover from experience of trauma and violence. Provide public awareness campaigns and community sensitization on dangers of Drugs and other addictions that lead to HIV/AIDS fast transmission.  

We help young people to:

Avoid risky behaviors that lead to drug addiction and HIV AIDS. To organize peer groups so can carry out drama, discussion, sports and voluntary work in their respective communities that can make them busy and take their time learning new skills and other educative development programs.  

We help young people understand their sexual development, develop their life skills and to grow into and as happy responsible adults.


It was nice to have diner with the kids thanks very much Spur Sandton City resturant for putting a smile on them...

Volunteer Services..

Due to current constraints in financial resources as an emerging organisation, our projects are still centered in South Africa and all its Provinces. We, however, aim to expand our humanitarian services to other continental regions and global areas.

Our urban areas are swamped by an ever increasing population of helpless old aged citizens; women trapped into prostitution; drug addicts; ex-convicts stranded for a livelihood; HIV/Aids struck persons- whose families can’t just manage to sustain the escalating costs of maintaining the relatives; the list of calamities just goes on. 

Our programs..

1. Bathuse orphanage center

2. Bathuse skill development (Bathuse Heaven Spa)

3. Sports and Welfare. (Bathuse Soccer Academy)

4. Community Development Department (All Bathuse SA outreach program)

Community Development Department, we participate in the day-to-day sessions where young people learn more their bodies and how to protect their lives from disasters of crime, addiction, gangs and all criminal activities this is the only way to prevent and to protect the minds of our young people.

Bathuse SA is a project caring and empower vulnerable children in the African communities and give them a brighter future.

Bathuse is a non – Sectarian, non-political organization for young people of vision, talent and energy. With its membership and partners coming from all levels of the society it attracts people of both sexes.

About Us Bathuse South Africa To ensure action on pressing needs rather than talking about them. Over 5 years of progress it seems apparent that no mistake was made in starting this mighty movement. In ever increasing number of our young volunteers are responding to the appeal of this name and volunteering for the services at home and abroad. It is a Blessed name to its members and the Nationality for it represents to them new and deeper consecration, new ideas and new aspirations. It also represents a greater cooperation and dynamic training to all our people. 

We do our work in every possible place that needs our help at 28 Friars Hill Road, Rossettenville Johannesburg, South Africa. By learning experience and skills young people need international exposure to the complicity of the modern societies. Through working with other organizations, they receive education and experience and they become qualified to do quality work. They learn to accept different values and become responsible, active and return home as effective witness. 

Friendship through these activities if shared is an experience between international and National experts to stand for others people’s life. Aim Making the young generation involved in the planning, preventing and fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic by sharing their views, knowledge and attitude in areas of difficult so as to become responsible citizens  Motto Helping African Child grow Vision A prepared future life for an African child

  • BUTHUSE GOALS - Our goal is to encourage young people live a protective life form HIV/AIDS, live a healthy life by providing nutritious meals, have focused dreams by engaging them into early childhood skill development projects, and sports activities that shapes in as well discovers their talents while keeping them off streets. This fact must be impressed upon the minds of our children and youth.
  • It must be woven into their minds, our programs are designed to impress the minds of our children and young people that their mission as individuals must be the mission of the whole world to protect and prevent themselves from Criminality, addictions and to value themselves for their own future. If this is done when they are young the impression will never leave them

Among the core mandates and objectives of the organization is to be and remain a driving force in pioneering the welfare and protection of fellow beings.

Herein, termed as our beneficiaries.

Our Areas of focus. Our areas of focus are the age groups from Zero (0) years to 18 years. It is to the world that we work hand in hand with international organizations around the world to learn more about voluntary work and expand our networks so as to manage these most challenges age groups. Having spread ourselves and gotten a foothold in all these lands as we have, it does not seem so difficult to do this work, and yet it is a great work still.

To finish this work, we must inspire our young people to consecrate their energies and lives, must engagevolunteers to learn about the meaningful volunteering that makes a difference in other vulnerable children’s lives. 

We want to inculcate the thought in our organization everywhere and wherever we come in contact with our young people or our elder people either, that we have one thing to do, is to keep our bodies as gifts from God.

Bathuse South Africa is composed of six main departments. A coordinator heads each department. The coordinator promotes and oversees the implementation and supervises its programs to the Bathuse objectives.

Implementing these various programs demands huge financial inputs.

It is therefore our sincere appeal for any funding/donations by individuals/businesses/embassies/ governments and related institutions locally and globally to make donations towards these noble projects aimed at minimizing and alleviating human suffering in our human society.

     You Can WE Help..