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To elevate humanitarian aid to society in order to score enduring success in reducing and, or eliminating undignified living among fellow mankind in our society and promote the spirit of love, unity and common purpose.

Bathuse Skill Development Program

Bathuse Skill Development program promotes Bathuse Goals at Bathuse projects as well within our outreach program and youth groups and around the community.

The main objective is to raise self-sustainable youth and women who will be able to sustain their future with the skills and experience they learn during their youth in addition to their adulthood education. This program is targeting young people, youth, teenagers, school drop outs, teenage parents and aiming to promote positive non-violent images of masculinity and program targeting young girls to manage violence and to promote self-esteem through self-employment or extra incomes hence fighting poverty within their families.

It also helps parents/ guardians to talk to children about their performance in school, being safe in school and preventing or reporting cases of defilement knowing that they have grounds to talk about issues that affect their lives. Among the programs include


Volunteer Services
A spirit of helping others is a spirit of giving. Therefore, we are never without need for helping hands from everyone who can volunteer to assist the organization in their various on-going projects especially in the Gauteng Region. Basic training programs are in place to anyone willing to recruit as volunteer. 

Bathuse Soccer Academy

Bathuse south Africa soccer academy is a project in the Zamiphilo Squatter camp in the Johannesburg south side. It involves Bathuse children and children from the outside community squatter camp and this combination forms the Bathuse soccer Academy.

The project was formed due to the situation and surrounding environment of the children in the camp. It focuses on keeping children busy with productive activities while keeping them off streets. Currently the Football team has 25 members and we are focusing on the Netball team too.

The project mission is keeping children off street, off drugs, off criminal activities through skilling into sports activities which might even become an income or some during their adulthood.
The projects need everyone’s support to sustain.

Among the things we need include: Balls, sports shoes, sports clothes, (uniforms), facilitation for the team and all other sports related support that may be available.

The team is based on donations and material support from well-wishers. You can donate used balls, used set of uniforms, used shoes and all other materials used can be of good use to Bathuse projects.

Acc No: 62714130896
Branch Code: 256205
Bank: First national bank. 


In the plentitude of skilled and semi-skilled volunteers can we hope to be of better service to society and this world. Eventually, others find a permanent placement within the functional structures of the organisation human resources- a thing we pride ourselves with, All ages are most welcome as we have awaiting purposes for all age groups within our projects.


Bathuse Heaven Spa

Bathuse South Africa skill development program with programs such as Hair Dressing, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure has created a customer service saloon where the public is welcome to share the experience of making a difference in our community.

All our clients are charged less and, on the amount, you pay, a certain percentage is directly transferred to Bathuse organization to sponsor the most vulnerable children with early skill development programs, sports activities, feeding and many other productive programs within the organization.

The Massage parlor (Bathuse Heaven Spa) has not only created skilling but also a modernized Saloon open to the public, and the charges are attached.

Bathuse Bakery Project

is a proposed Skill Development Project (SDP) as well an income generating activity that aims to support Bathuse programs. Among the beneficiary programs include the feeding program where we target to produce bread that is going to be used at the orphanage instead of buying from shops.

This project will help in reducing the expenses on food yet it is planned to be an access income that can balance other project needs in terms of basic necessities.
The project is aimed to also be an employment opportunity for the youth in the area where some youth will be employed produce bread as bakery employees as others will be employed as helpers and at the same time trainees.

Bathuse feeds between 50-100 children during our outreach program which is done on a weekly basis in the nearby squatter camp where the most vulnerable are placed. Yet as an orphanage Bathuse feeds 39 children on a daily basis three meals a day.

Bathuse skill development programs are designed to instill knowledge into the unemployed youth and women in our community as well to relieve the Bathuse as an organization from the economic stress due to the monthly expenditures in basic needs
The project is going to be targeting the hunger management program where according to our background survey shows that many children even fail to have one nutritious meal a day due to continuous poverty within t their communities which cause many going to schools without food and not even a packed or pocket money with them.

Bathuse south Africa Bakery project has a mission to keep no hungry child in class by within our areas of focus. Estimated capital on expenditures. the project also aims to produces enough bread for its own children and that for sale to the same community where the project will be able to earn enough income to pay for the children school requirements and school fees.

Implementing these various programs demands huge financial inputs.

It is therefore our sincere appeal for any funding/donations by individuals/businesses/embassies/ governments and related institutions locally and globally to make donations towards these noble projects aimed at minimizing and alleviating human suffering in our human society.

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